On the occasion of marking the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković points out that this day must be a reminder and warning to all of the catastrophic consequences that discrimination, intolerance and hatred towards others had in the past.

The Commissioner, however, points to an inadmissible phenomenon that has become more frequent lately: the term fascism is used lightly and inappropriately, in political confrontations and mutual disqualifications in public life, its symbols and characteristic features are being used, and it is being abused under the pretext of artistic expression. All this shows a fundamental ignorance of recent history and a lack of understanding of the essential meaning of the word, which represents the ideology of inciting racial, religious, and national hatred, which has led to millions of people being killed.

There is no need to remind that the Serbian people are among those who had the greatest number of victims in the Second World War, which is why this attitude additionally humiliates and degrades those who were killed or died and minimizes and relativizes one of the greatest crimes of humanity.

Janković also emphasizes that respect for human rights and respect for diversity are civilization achievements that cannot be questioned, not even through freedom of expression. What the public, especially young people, should be reminded of, is the culture of remembrance of all victims of the Holocaust and the unequivocal condemnation of all anti-Semitism and racism, the Commissioner concludes.

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