After the PZR initiative, vacation vouchers for citizens aged 65 and not yet retired subsidized

After a number of citizens approached the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, indicating that they could not exercise their right to a free voucher for a subsidized vacation in Serbia, because they had reached the age of 65 but still have not acquired the right to a pension, an initiative was sent, which was adopted, thus enabling, for the first time, persons who have reached the age of 65, but have not acquired the right to a pension, to apply for the aforementioned vouchers.

Citizens who, due to the aforementioned reason, have not been able to exercise this right until now, can exercise this right by attaching a signed declaration that they have not acquired the right to a pension, on the form published on the website of the Ministry of Tourism and Youth and JP “Pošta Srbije”.

Namely, the Government of Serbia adopted a new Regulation on the conditions and manner of awarding and using funds to encourage the improvement of tourist traffic of domestic tourists on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, which entered into force on December 17, 2022.


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