Day: June 28, 2022

The Commissioner on the International Pride Day: To continuously improve the rights and position of the LGBT population

On the International Pride Day the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković said that there is progress in protecting and improving the rights of members of the LGBT community, but that they are still faced with discrimination in the workplace, in front of public authorities, and in the field of health care. The…

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No. 136-22

OPINION The opinion was adopted in the proceedings regarding the complaint filed by the AA against the Center for Social Work of the City of Novi Sad due to discrimination based on language. In the complaint, it was stated that AA is a citizen of the United States of America, with a temporary residence in…

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No. 781-22

OPINION   The opinion was issued in connection with the complaint of AA against BB, the owner of club “MB” in Smederevska Palanka, due to discrimination on the basis of belonging to the Roma national minority. On this occasion, the National Council of the Roma National Minority also addressed the Commissioner. In the complaint and…

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No. 583-21

OPINION The opinion was issued regarding the complaint of AA against the company B. B. and director V. V, as the responsible person, due to discrimination based on gender. The complaint stated that A. A. had a fixed-term employment contract with the company and that the company director refused to extend her employment contract after…

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