The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković met with the representatives of the Fund for Social and Democratic Initiative, MPs and council members. A brochure was presented which was developed in the course of “Go forward” project implemented in cooperation with the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.


This brochure is a collection of recommendations for further action, the conclusions and plan of this year’s activities that will be implemented in cooperation with the local level bodies responsible for the implementation of the NAP 2017-2020.


Commissioner Jankovic stressed that such projects and activism of civil society organizations are very important, because it not only enables greater participation of women in the security sector, but also equality and security in all segments of the society.


Participants included members of the Assembly of the City of Čačak, member of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina Stojanka Lekić, expert for gender policies Zorica Mršević, MZRZSP senior advisor Biljana Stojković, advisor with the Gender Equality Coordination Body Svetlana Jankovic, as well as the Chairperson of FOSDI and project leader Nataša Milojević.


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