Statement of the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today’s remembrance day is dedicated to a memory of one of the greatest crimes in the history of mankind, committed in the name of creating a „higher human race“, that must not and cannot diminish, says Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Millions of innocent victims warn us to remember that strengthening of antisemitism, radical right, intolerance and hate speech may lead to others and different becoming less valuable, unwanted and even dangerous enemies against whom is allowed to fight by all available means. Systematic, enormously cold and severe persecution of members of “less valuable” nations and mechanisms for killing innocent victims are the most drastic personification of discrimination, horrors that we must never allow to happen again, Commissioner emphasizes.

Holocaust is a dark, disturbing reminder of where the belief that some people are less valuable than others can lead to, says Jankovic. That is why we must pass on this memory to new generations and teach them the values of tolerance, respect and preciousness of every human life. We must create a social climate in which no one must be endangered because of their race, gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics, because only in such way can we live equal and free, concludes Commissioner Jankovic.

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