Signing of the project for strengthening of local capacities for combating discrimination

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic and Ambassador of Norway Arne Sanes Bjornstad, signed the contract on the realization of the project titled “Strengthening of local anti-discrimination capacities and institutional capacities of Commissioner for the Protection of Equality”.

Expressing the gratitude to the Kingdom of Norway for the support, Commissioner Jankovic stressed that the institution will be working, through various activities, on the improvement of local administration, aimed to recognizing of discrimination cases, as well as on the constitution of local persons network and engagement of the people of integrity in local environment, in order to prevent discrimination. In such way, the institution will be even more available to our citizens in whole Serbia and in thus work on the prevention and protection against discrimination in everyday life, added Commissioner.

Ambassador Bjornstad said it was a pleasure to cooperate with the institution and emphasized the importance of activities that are focused not only to human rights and equality, but also to the prosperity of the entire society. “Discrimination is a waste, as part of the population cannot contribute according to their capacity. By using data from all municipalities in Serbia, the current project is reducing the risk of “Belgradecentrity” and makes it easier to better decisions for the benefit of all”, stressed the Ambassador.

Planned effects of the two-year project are improvement of human and minority rights, social inclusion of the marginalized groups in Republic of Serbia, as well as reduction of number of discrimination cases in front of local, municipal bodies and public institutions at local and central levels. Project also envisages the strengthening of technical capacities and improvement of the data base of Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.

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