Press release following the beginning of the election campaign

Regarding the upcoming election campaign, Brankica Janković, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality calls on all participants in the election process in particular those wishing to assume any kind of public function, to demonstrate a high level of tolerance and to carefully weigh their words spoken in public.

“I would wish to remind everyone participating in the forthcoming election campaign that they must adhere to the Constitution and Laws, tread carefully when speaking publicly and giving political speeches and take care not to cross the line prescribed by the law. This pertains to the provisions of the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination which bans hate speech, instigation of national, religious and all other kinds of intolerance, as well as insulting, harassing and degrading treatment.”

The Commissioner also said that all politicians, irrespective of their opposite views and rhetoric, must be cognizant of the wider public sphere they are targeting during the election campaign. “A democratic, tolerant and open society is incompatible with discriminatory, degrading, chauvinistic, insulting and misogynistic statements and messages as well as with attempts to reinforce stereotypes and prejudice against any minority group.”

For the sake of all citizens of Serbia, it is necessary for all players in the political and public arena to demonstrate respect, decency and civility. They must be ready to hear and accept different views and opinions, said Commissioner Janković.

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