Conference “Serbia on the way to Tolerance and Non-discrimination”

At the end of October 2014, in the Palace of Serbia, a big conference “Serbia on the way to Tolerance and Non-discrimination: the Experiences of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality” was held, which attended more than 200 participants.

This conference attracted a lot media, since all relevant subjects, whose strategic goals and priorities were fulfilment of human rights, striving towards an open and democratic society based on the rule of law – the president of the parliament, ministers and state secretaries, ambassadors, diplomats of international organisations, as well as a large number of representatives from the civilian sector, were present.

The whole event was broadcast live by the public media service, and the majority of reported the statement given by the Commissioner and the participants of the conference, as well as the conclusion that an even more intensive work should be undertaken on the promotion of tolerance and equality, as well as creation of the society in which the rights of all are respected, regardless of diversity.

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