Commissioner on the role of business sector in decreasing of the gender gap

“It is good that Bourse bell rings for the gender equality, it is good that all bells ring for the equality of men and women, because there can be no progress and development for any society, including ours, if only one half of the population participates it”, said Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic at the event “Bourse Bell Rings for Gender Equality”.

Women in Serbia are unused potential. According to data, twice more men decide to start their own business, which indicates unequal expectations from the society and insufficient encouraging of women to come in the entrepreneurship.

Many of them are feared of risk, but the wish to succeed must prevail the fear of failure and one needs a motive to do that, said Jankovic. They need support from men in this matter, especially from those who are leaders in various areas of business.

“The common goal should be everyday equality of women and men and you have our institutions as a partner and ally in achieving it”, said Commissioner Jankovic.

“Bourse Bell Rings for Gender Equality” is part of global initiative “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality” which is supported by many international organizations such are Sustainable Stock Exchanges, UN Women, International Finance Corporation, World Federation of Exchanges, Women in ETFs. Belgrade Stock Exchange officially joined this initiative by adopting of “Women Empowering Principles”.

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