Warning because of discrimination of the young child’s mother during the employment

Sex, family and marital status are the most frequent discrimination ground in area of labor and employment in Serbia, which is impermissible and forbidden, warns Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic.

One of the reasons for this reaction was a story published in “Blic” daily newspaper about 27-year old woman who was cancelled the recruiting process during the job introduction by a private company from Belgrade, because she asked to reschedule an appointment as her child got ill, which is typical case of discrimination. The Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination forbids discrimination in area of work, i.e. disruption of equal possibilities for the employment or achievement of rights in area of work under equal conditions.

Having in mind that, according to complaints, surveys and media cases, many mothers in Serbia are facing such situations, Commissioner Jankovic asks from all employers to respect the laws and equality principle, guaranteed by the Constitution.

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