Commissioner met with Canadian Ambassador

In order to continue and expand the cooperation in the area of human rights, prohibition of discrimination and improvement of equality, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic met with Ambassador of Canada Kati Csaba.

Commissioner presented to Ambassador the activities and practice of Commissioner for the Protection of Equality in field of protection against discrimination, stressing that minority and marginalized groups, primarily women, are facing discrimination in area of work and employment more often and that there is a continuous effort aimed at their empowerment, upgrading of their position in the society and improvement of gender-balanced policy.

Ambassador Csaba emphasized that the role of women in the economy is unmeasurable because it contributes to its growth, while a greater share of women in the economy increases the profit of the companies that are employing them. Combat against discrimination and prevention are good mechanisms for the empowerment of women and better position in the society.

Commissioner Jankovic and Ambassador Csaba agreed that women in the economic sphere bring more diversity, ideas and innovative solutions, but also contribute to the easier resolution of conflicts.

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