Commissioner filed criminal charges because of spreading of racial and other discrimination

After the complaint because of unsigned leaflets which were titled “Who teaches our students while the best ones are being expelled?” targeting four professors from the History Department at the Faculty of Philosophy, with their initials and photos, Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic filed a criminal charge against unknown perpetrator for spreading of racial and other discrimination.

The contents of those leaflets were, among other, that mentioned professors are “anti-Serbian” and “gay lobbyists and private actors” while students were invited to boycott their lectures in order to demonstrate that they are “worthy of Kosovo oath” and defend “patriot and national feelings”.

In the explanation of criminal charges, Commissioner emphasizes that unknown perpetrator made and publicly exposed a pamphlets which contain hate speech, advocate and encourage hatred, discrimination and violence against a group of persons, because of their real or assumed protected characteristic. Jankovic also stresses that the hate speech is especially dangerous when it targets the audience which is sensitive due to its lack of life experience and age, such are students, and also that the publishing of content that invites to the violence, boycott or intolerance and spreads the hate speech is an immeasurable social danger.

Commissioner expects that authorities will undertake measures within their competence, but also considers that academic community should condemn this, as well as the public, having in mind that pamphlets appeared in a university institution.

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