Warning for the Public

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic strongly condemns sexist, misogynic and very insulting comments about Marija Lukic which were posted on social networks.

All insults that were addressed to a woman who reported long-standing sexual harassment and abuse severely violate her dignity and create humiliating environment in her home town, relativizing and defending accusations in public, producing an image that the victim is guilty of everything that has happened to her. Furthermore, Commissioner warns that it is unacceptable that Maria Lukic and any other women is degraded to a sexual object by commenting  her private photos, insulting and qualifying her appearance.

Additional aggravating circumstance is that such messages discourage women who suffered any kind of sexual harassment, abuse or in most drastic case – violence, to report it without expectation to be criticized because they had courage to confront a bully.

Jankovic reminds that Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination prohibits degrading and harassment because of sex, as well as supporting the prejudices and social patterns which are based on the idea of submission or superiority of sexes.

Commissioner expects that the proceeding in the case against recently resigned president of Brus Municipality will be ended soon and that the verdict will send a clear message that every criminal offense is punishable and sanctioned, regardless of who the perpetrator is.

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