WARNING – Election campaign

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković condemns insulting and sexist qualifications against women politicians, belittling and insulting of members of the LGBT population, insulting comments against the Roma national minority, calling for uncompromising reckoning with political dissidents, but also attacks on party property, which we have witnessed in recent days.

There are less than ten days left until the end of the election campaign, which is why the Commissioner emphasizes that it is important that all participants in the election process adhere to permissible and appropriate ways of political struggle, which must not include any discriminatory statements or destruction of anyone’s property, such as the recent stoning of the SNS premises in Čačak.

The Commissioner emphasizes the importance of respecting the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination, which prohibits hate speech, inciting national, religious and any other intolerance, but also offensive, harassing and humiliating behavior, as well as spreading stereotypes and prejudices.

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