Statement on the occasion of International Roma Day

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic congratulates 8 April, International Roma Day, to all Roma citizens of Serbia and evaluates that the members of this national community are still discriminated, excluded, marginalized and facing various violations and restriction of their rights in all segments of social life, despite the progress which is evidently not sufficient.


Jankovic stressed that many men and women of Roma nationality are still living without water and electricity in informal Roma settlements, facing the problem of compulsory displacement, unemployment, the risk of segregation, early and forced marriages. Complaints to Commissioner confirm this, because one half of complaints which were filed because of discrimination on ground of nationality are related to discrimination of Roma people, which imply that there is lot more to be done.


“Unfortunately, Roma organizations rarely report cases of discrimination of Roma people and they are supposed to be our greatest allies. That is why I wish to encourage the new national council and all organizations that deal with Roma issues to use the protection mechanism of Commissioner and to appeal to us, because every single case is small but important step forward to improve the position of Roma people and also toward construction of a society of solidarity, humanity, justice and equality”, stressed Jankovic.


On the occasion of International Roma Day, Commissioner participates in the conference of Roma National Council, while representatives of Commissioner for Protection of Equality will visit a Roma settlement “Cukaricka padina” where they will discuss the problems and difficulties of the families who are living there.

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