Statement on the occasion of International Pride Day

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic congratulates the International Pride Day to all member of LGBT population, stressing that this day is an opportunity to draw public attention to the need of further improvement of their position. Above all, she said, laws should regulate the rest of issues related to the sex transition and same sex partnerships and the education of staff in public authority bodies and health care in order to sensitize them to work with LGBT persons should be continued.

Commissioner emphasized that social distance, hate speech, humiliating, insulting and even violent attitude towards LGBT persons still exist in our society, which discourages individuals to seek protection from the institutions. This is also confirmed by data of Commissioner for Protection of Equality, which reveal that complaints because of discrimination on grounds of sex are mostly submitted by organizations that are protecting human rights of LGBT persons.

Stressing that the fundamental human rights must not be restricted to anyone, Commissioner Jankovic stressed that it’s necessary for all authorities to continuously undertake measures and react adequately in order to provide the conditions for LGBT persons to lead dignified life, equally with all citizens of Serbia.

Commissioner and employees at Commissioner for Protection of Equality will participate in Pride of Serbia Parade and give also a symbolical support to the members of LGBT community.

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