No. 07-00-310/2015-02

No. 07-00-310/2015-02  Date: 19 October, 2015


The opinion was issued in the procedure following complaint from М.N. against the Belgrade City Assembly and the City Administration for funeral services due to discrimination based on disability. The complaint states that M. N whose leg was amputated, went to the cemetery to visit his mother’s grave, but the security guards did not allow him to enter with his own car, with the explanation that such a decision was passed by the City Assembly. Declaration of the PUC “Funeral Services” from Belgrade states that on May 30 and 31, 2015, due to All Souls’ Day, a ban on entering cemeteries with motor vehicles was in force for the safety of citizens and avoiding crowds, tension and nervousness. During the procedure it was established that the Decision on the prohibition of entry of motor vehicles into a particular cemetery on the territory of the City of Belgrade No. 3-40 of 17 Dec. 2008 was issued by the Public Utility Service “Funeral Services” from Belgrade, and not by the authorities against whom the complaint was lodged, and that the security guards at the entrance to the cemetery in the specific case acted in accordance with this decision. The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality issued the opinion that the Belgrade City Assembly and the City Administration for Funeral Services did not violate the provisions of the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination.



Brankica Janković
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