The Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Janković met with the coordinator of the Initiative for Economic and Social Rights A11 Danilo Ćurčić and representatives of this organization Milica Marinković and Vladimir Šahović, with whom she talked about protection against discrimination and promotion of human rights of vulnerable and marginalized social groups.

Cooperation with the civil sector is extremely important for the institution, especially when it comes to organizations that work on the promotion of the principles of equality and equity, which are inextricably linked with the improvement of the position of vulnerable citizens, the Commissioner emphasized.

Janković and Ćurčić agreed that the crisis caused by the pandemic is a potential source of economic insecurity, exclusion and risk of discrimination, and the most endangered are people living in poverty, the elderly, people with disabilities, Roma men and women from informal settlements.

In order to overcome the new problems more rapidly, a joint action of all relevant actors is needed. Social justice is a condition for the progress of every society, and the key points should be the fight against poverty and the creation of equal opportunities for all, it was concluded at the meeting.

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