“Living library” at the Belgrade Book Fair

The Commissioner for Protection of Equality continued the successful cooperation with the Office of the Council of Europe in Belgrade, on the project „Don’t judge a book by its cover – Living Library in Serbia”, as the project coordinator. The Living Library in Serbia is a project launched by the Council of Europe in partnership with the Commissioner for Protection of Equality and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, with the aim to fight prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination against different groups of people. Books in the Living Library are people who belong to groups frequently facing discrimination and prejudices.

Living library was held for the third time at the Education fair Zvonce, a part of Book Fair in Belgrade. During the two-day introductions, on 1st and 2nd November, Living library had 287 “readings” and the most popular “books” were gay, Chinese, a person living with HIV, a person with disability, Muslin and Atheist. All volunteers, as well as “books” participating in this year’s Fair, were given letters of thanks for support and successful cooperation by the Commissioner Nevena Petrušić, the Chief of the Office of the Council of Europe in Belgrade Tim Cartwright and the Assistant of the Minister of Youth and Sport Snežana Klašnja.

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