International Pride Day marked in Belgrade

On the International day of LGBT pride 27th June, in park Manjež a meeting was held and after it a walk was organised, as a sign of solidarity between LGBT population with the Roma community, in Belgrade street where, in 1997, a Roma boy Dušan Jovanović was killed. The action called “Hate-free zone” was organised by several nongovernmental organisations such as GSA, GLIC, Women in black and YUCOM.

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Nevena Petrušić and the employees from the Commissioner’s professional service participated in the walk.

The Commissioner used the occasion to wish LGBT population a happy International Pride Day and emphasised that this day is the opportunity for us to show that we are dedicated as a society to the idea of human rights, tolerance, respect of diversity and acceptance of others and different. Everyone has the right to live freely and without fear, regardless of sexual orientation. In the statement it is said that discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation is still widely spread in Serbia and that LGBT population is one of the groups most discriminated against, so it is necessary to remind the citizens of Serbia that the realisation of the Pride Parade this year is very important because it will show how tolerant we are as a society to accept the right to diversity. The manifestation itself, however, is not enough but a continuous effort on suppression of prejudice and discriminatory attitudes is needed, primarily with children and the youth through the educational system, as well as through joint action of government bodies, institutions, the civil sector and media.

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