This year’s International Day Against Racial Discrimination is marked in the shadow of the COVID-19 virus pandemic and measures to combat it, said Commissioner for Protection of Equality, Brankica Jankovic, who pointed out that the current situation has shown all the vulnerability of modern society globally and set unprecedented challenges, among which are preserving and exercising  fundamental human rights.

This situation shows the importance of mutual respect, understanding and tolerance and must not be an excuse for discrimination on any grounds – race, religion, nationality, ethnicity and on other grounds. Also, it is very important that all societies at this time do not allow racism, xenophobia or stigmatization for any reason.

In the context of very difficult circumstances, we must be aware of the additionally difficult position of vulnerable social groups, said Commissioner and called on everyone to show solidarity in action.

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, as the institution responsible for combating discrimination, will continue to constantly monitor and react in accordance with its competence, Commissioner concludes.

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