“Independent Institutions in Touch with People in Valjevo”

Emila Spasojević, representative of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality institution, Saša Janković, Republic of Serbia Ombudsman and Aleksandar Resanović, Deputy Commissioner for Public Information and Personal Data Protection presented the scope of work and activities of their respective independent institutions and answered questions posed by citizens in Valjevo, as a part of “Independent Institutions in Touch with People” project implemented by Civic Initiatives.

Participants agreed that a growing number of citizens is able to detect discrimination and make a distinction between an act of discrimination and other illegal acts, that they are now willing to apply to the Commissioner and file a complaint and that they react not only in cases when one person is being discriminated but they tend to perceive discrimination against groups of people, finding that stereotypes and prejudice are the main resons for discrimination.

Support to the work and activities of independent institutions expressed at this event attests to the good work done by these institutions and is an inspiration to continue with such promotional activities of the Commissioner and other independent institutions in the future.

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