Exhibition on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons

Exhibition “Bridge of Understanding” organized by Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and Red Cross of Serbia on the occasion of 1 October, International Day of Older Persons, is opened in Knez Mihajlova Street. Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic stressed at the opening that this exhibition celebrates age, dignity of older people, their skills, wisdom, courage, as well as emotions and warmth they have for us. “Ageing is our only certain future and that is why it is important for the progress of every society to ensure inclusion of older people in all areas of life. In present times, when youth and beauty are praised, we should know that wrinkles that come with age are welcome” said Commissioner.

Exhibition presents creative works of pupils from all Serbia, who won at the recent competition organized by Commissioner for the Protection of Equality with topic of intergenerational solidarity and who were ceremonially awarded. Photos made by Red Cross of Serbia and Commissioner for the Protection of Equality that promote active ageing are also presented at this exhibition.

Special guest of the event was famous American photographer Harvey Lloyd (91), one of the leading artists of the movement “Breaking the Light” whose artworks are exhibited in the most prominent museums throughout the world. He shared his longevity recipe: “eat healthy food, exercise and you will stay young”. He stressed that respect, love, ignity and care are things that every society should offer to older people.

Other speakers at the exhibition opening were US Ambassador Kyle Scott, representative of EU Delegation in Serbia Inge Engstroem and president of Red Cross in Serbia Prof. Dragan Radovanovic.PhD. Among guests were Head of OSCE Mission in Serbia Andrea Orizio, Ambassador of Canada Kati Csaba, representatives of National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, Gerontology Center of Serbia, international organizations and civil society.

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