Equality for women in sport

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Jankovic, had a meeting with the director of High School of Sports and Health, professor Branko Boškovic and his team and

Vladimir Tomkovic from the Association of Citizens “Movement for Equality – We are the Same” and the portal Sportfem, in order to discuss cooperation in promoting women’s sports, increasing the number of women in sport and the promotion of equality.

Sport is one of the most important social topics, and the success of our athletes fulfill all our citizens with joy and stand as the reason for celebrations, said Commissioner Jankovic. However, whether due to widespread patriarchy or often detractory attitudes towards female strength and abilities, women encounter more obstacles on their path to sports heights, especially when they should use their knowledge and experience in management positions. Commissioner noted that it is not easy for female sports journalists either, in order to be taken seriously and survive in business, they have to be highly educated, professional and to constantly prove that they are proficient in their job. Jankovic stressed that top sport also needs financial aid. Although the state does not make any difference in rewards between men and women, men are still more interesting for sponsors when promoting their brands. It is obvious that more equality is needed in this field, said Commissioner and stated that the institution of the Commissioner is committed to the efforts for promoting equality in all fields, and that women in sports are an important topic for the media, who should pay much more attention to them.

Commissioner and representatives of the High School of Sports and Health discussed the immeasurable importance of education in sports and the encouragement of sportsmanship among girls and young women. They also discussed the equality of women and men in sports in general, from practicing to funding of various sports and how this school can contribute to this goal.

Commissioner also gave support to the representatives of the association “We are the same” who rune a unique web portal Sportfem.rs, that promotes women’s sports, from amateur to

professional, as well as the successes of athletes of all generations in different categories.

They pointed out with a series of examples to the unbalanced participation of women and men in sports – 41% of girls and 59% of boys participate in sports competitions in schools;

our country has about 160,000 athletes and 30,000 female athletes; on every 18 male coaches there is only 1 woman at the head of the team.

Other part of the meeting was dedicated to planning of joint activities aimed to improve and promote women in sport.

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