Editor in Chief of „Tabloid” Milovan Brkic discriminated members of LGBT population

In a proceeding upon the complaint from association “Da se zna”, submitted because of article titled “Where is this world going?” published in electronic issue of “Magazin Tabloid: Truths and Misconceptions”, whose editor in chief is Milovan Brkic, Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic issued an opinion that provisions in Article 12. of the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination were violated.

In analysing of ideas and attitudes expressed in this article, Commissioner took into account the importance of freedom of expression, as well as the prohibition of harassment and degrading treatment, prescribed in the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination,  as well as the provision of Article 75 of the Law on Public Information and the Media, which prohibits the publication of ideas, information and opinions that encourage discrimination, hatred or violence against a person or group of persons because of their belonging or not belonging to a race, religion, nation, ethnic group, gender, because of their sexual orientation or other personal characteristic.

Therefore, it was recommended to the editor in chief Milovan Brkic to publish an apology to the members of the LGBT population in the “Magazine Tabloid: Truths and Misconceptions,” and not to publish any articles in the future that would create fear or hostile, degrading or offensive environment for members of the LGBT population.

Since the editor in chief did not act upon recommendation even after the warning, within the legal period of 30 days, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković informs the public thereof in accordance with the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination.

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