Commissioner signed Memorandum on Cooperation with OPENS

Commissioner for Protection of Equality BrankicaJankovic and coordinator of association “Novi Sad European Youth Capital – OPENS” VukasinGrozdanovic signed a Memorandum on Cooperation in advance to international youth conference which will be held on 28 November, as a part of joint activities aimed to improve position of youth.

“We have to keep doors of institutions openfor young people, to implement their ideas and they should use every opportunity that occurs”, said Jankovic and added that we need to have better policies for youth and managing migrations, which would contribute to create conditions for young people to stay in our country. She also stressed that it is very important that Novi Sad managed to win a title of European Youth Capital and that such events inspire connections between young and also older generations, adding that Commissioner for Protection of Equality offers full support to OPENS ideas and activities.

OPENS coordinator VukasinGrozdanovic emphasized that it is necessary to find overall and institutional solution for creating sustainable youth policy in Serbia, with special institutions for young people.

Commissioner also supported project campaign „I am what I am“ created by OPENS 2019 in cooperation with UNICEF. Main idea of the campaign is to talk about the rights of women through the whole year, since the 110th anniversary of the first Women’s Day celebration, as well as to make girls and women more empowered to fight for equality.

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