Commissioner participated gathering „One Billion Rising“

Brankica Janković, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, spoke at an event „One Billion Rising“ as part of a global campaign aimed at drawing attention to issues of violence and discrimination against women around the world. This year, campaign focuses on combatting exploitation and economic inequality.

Commissioner Janković conveyed a message stressing that every type of violence against women is forbidden, that there was not enough debate about economy inequality and reminded of numerous cases of discrimination against women who were filed with the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality. Commissioner said that working women in Serbia are still paid less than men working on same job positions, are more financially dependent and have more difficulties in finding employment.

„The cause of discrimination is the patriarchal mold according to which a woman is to stay at home. We are here today to tell every woman that she is not only a wife, mother and a housewife and that she can do much more. We are here to encourage them to ask for help if they feel discriminated, not to suffer violence but to submit a complaint to our institution“, said the Commissioner.

At the event entitled „Rise-Break-Connect“ that was organized by Centre of Modern Skills, activists delivered performance „Break the Chains“, while the most impressive facts about economy inequality of women, exploitation and violence were presented as „walking billboards“ i.e. moving exhibition.

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