Commissioner opened the conference on the rights of persons with disability

Crisis clearly revealed the vulnerability of marginalized social groups who were disproportionally affected by the consequences of pandemic and therefore it’s important to see fully the position of persons with disability and introduce the perspective of disability in the process of creation, implementation and monitoring of public policies, said Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic at the opening of conference „ Rights of Persons With Disability – Between Rights and Practice“.

Jankovic reminded that from the very beginning of emergency state, institution of Commissioner has pointed to the need of adopting the measures for alleviating the consequences of pandemic for persons with disability and other sensitive social groups, stressing that inclusion of their representatives in decision making process is very important for achieving of the best results in given circumstances. It is necessary that all institutions in the system, state authorities and independent bodies, civil society and individuals, constantly and continuously undertake various activities through implementation of multi-disciplinary and multi-sector approach, in order to decrease numerous risks for social exclusion of sensitive groups, especially persons with disability, said Jankovic.

At the conference, organized by humanitarian organization „Friend in Need“ were also presented the Initiative for amending the law, introduction of empowering packages for parents of children with health and development problems and strengthening of system support to these children and their families, as well as Manual on the rights of persons with disability.

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