Commissioner opened a conference on UN Standards for companies against discrimination of LGBT persons

Improving of employers knowledge about prohibition of discrimination and greater respect of differences are the vital for equal working environment and one of the important factors for successful business, stressed Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic at the opening of conference held on the occasion of presentation of UN Standards of Conduct for Business tackling discrimination against LGBT persons.

Commissioner stated that employer should have responsible and ethical relation towards everything which may influence its business, overcoming its primary function of obtaining and distribution of profit, taking care of natural and social aspects of its business environment. Since many researches show that LGBT persons often face prejudices and distance in their close environment, Commissioner emphasized the importance of prevention of discrimination and stated that many successful companies are finding ways to create equal working environment, in which respect of differences among the employees contributes to good interpersonal relations and increased productivity. Commissioner stated that practice of the Institution reveals that citizens most often report discrimination in area of labor and employment, which initiated Commissioner to issue Code of Equality – practical directives for employers for implementation of anti-discrimination regulations, which was accepted and implemented by many companies in Serbia.

By presenting of UN Standards of Conduct for Business tackling discrimination against LGBT persons, that also comply with leading international principles about business and human rights, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality attained significant partner in United Nations in work on the improvement of equality in area of labor and employment, concluded Jankovic.

Other speakers at the conference were also Fabrice Houdart, Human Rights Officer, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, New York, Karla Hershey, Resident Coordinator of United Nations in Serbia, Jasna Plavsic from the Office for Human and Minority Rights, Government of the Republic of Serbia, representatives of companies Hemofarm and Ernst & Young, as well as representatives of national and international organizations for protection of LGBT persons rights.

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