Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic attended the meeting of Board for Education, Science, Technological Development and Informational Society of the National Parliament that organized public hearing on the topic: “Education in Languages of National Minorities“.

Commissioner presented the work of institution upon complaints filed by citizens to the members of national councils of national minorities, as well as mutual cooperation so far. On this occasion, she announced a meeting with representatives of national councils and organizing workshops and educations for recognizing and reacting to discrimination.

Jankovic emphasized that it is very important to discuss all key issues related to the life of our citizens at the highest instance in the country – dome of National Parliament and that it is the right place for discussion about tolerance and accepting of differences.

Public hearing was attended by members of Parliament, representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Ministry of State Governance and Local Self-Governance, schools management, Institute for Education Quality Evaluation, Institute for Learning Textbooks,  Office for Human and Minority Rights, Office for Cooperation with Civil Society, Province Secretariat for Education, Regulations, Governance and National Minorities of the Pedagogic Institute of Vojvodina, EU Delegation and OSCE Mission in Serbia.

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