The position of senior citizens in all societies, including Serbia, is complex and unfavorable in many segments. However, they are less likely to address the authorities, because many believe that such a position is inevitably belongs to them, said Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, at the regional presentation of the first UN Global Report on Ageism and the National Dialogue on Aging and Ageism.

She pointed out that the frequent presentation of the elderly as a burden for society contributes to that. It is inadmissible to speak about a fifth of the population perceiving them only from as a problem, and that is why it is especially important to work on the full implementation of all rights, especially in times of constant threat from a new and ubiquitous form of digital discrimination and exclusion, Janković emphasized.

The national dialogue on ageism was organized by the United Nations Population Fund, the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue and the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, and among the speakers were Ministers Gordana Čomić and Ratko Dmitrović, UNFPA Regional Director Alanna Armitage, as well as Serbian Red Cross President Dragan Radovanović, Secretary General of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities Đorđe Staničić, President of the Amiti Association Nadežda Satarić, and others.

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