Day: September 27, 2021

No. 288-21

OPINION The opinion was issued in the proceedings regarding the complaint submitted by A. A, on behalf of her minor son B. B, against the secondary music school V. V. and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. In the complaint, among other things, it was stated that B. B. has developmental difficulties, that…

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The position of senior citizens in all societies, including Serbia, is complex and unfavorable in many segments. However, they are less likely to address the authorities, because many believe that such a position is inevitably belongs to them, said Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, at the regional presentation of the first UN…

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No. 246-21

07-00-00239 / 2021-02 date: 27.9.2021.   OPINION   The opinion was issued in the procedure regarding the complaint of AA, filed against the city of Subotica, due to discrimination against members of the Roma national minority. The complaint states that in Karađorđev put street, near number 1, in Subotica, there is a graffiti “Put gypsies…

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