Commissioner at the Festival of Law and Social Protection in Leskovac

For us, the media is a very important partner in the business of building a society tailored to the citizens, in which everyone has equal chances, especially today, when many values ​​that were established recently have been called into question, and citizens everywhere in the world are exposed to sensationalism, fake news and hate speech, said Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, at the presentation of the manual for journalists “Discrimination and Equality” within the Festival of Law and Social Protection organized in Leskovac by the Association of Social Protection Lawyers “Argument” and the Chamber of Social Protection.

Janković pointed out that the role of the media is particularly important for the deconstruction of stereotypes and prejudices that exist towards certain social groups, while on the other hand, inadequate and unprofessional reporting, the use of discriminatory words and statements, can lead to deepening the distance, encouraging intolerance and even hatred.

The Commissioner assessed that good cooperation between the media and social welfare institutions could improve the protection of human rights and equality for both the users of their services and the employees themselves.

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