Commissioner at the celebration of Roma Women Center 20th anniversary

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic attended the celebration, organized on the occasion of 20th anniversary of Roma Women Center Bibia.

In a discussion with Commissioner, Roma women stressed the problems they are facing most often, such are difficulties to enroll children in certain schools, gender roles justified by tradition and Roma culture, under-age marriages, unemployment and often domestic violence. In previous period, Commissioner was already familiar with obstacles and situations that members of Roma national minority are facing, through participation in numerous activities such are visits to Roma settlements, educative workshops…

Commissioner stressed that we all have the responsibility and obligation to work on real and full inclusion of Roma national minority, which includes education and employment, and that state institutions and bodies are giving example for that.

It is clear that change cannot come overnight, said Jankovic and added that in previous years Republic of Serbia has done lot to improve the quality of life for the members of Roma national minority. One of the examples is providing of the possibility to report residence at the address of Center for Social Work, which significantly decreased the number of legally invisible persons, said Jankovic.

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