Commissioner at the celebration of half a century of the caravan “Knowledge-property”

In times when what is instant and fast is valued, and the choice and competition of various media contents is probably the richest so far, half a century of tradition, survival, and duration deserve great respect and support, said the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković at the 50th anniversary of the caravan “Knowledge-property” and ten years of the Healthy Food Fair in Sopot.

Recalling the big names of this show – Kosara Balabanović, Zaharije Trnavčević, Zoran Gajić, all the way to Jasmina Nikitović Stojčić, the Commissioner said that the show “Knowledge-property” and the institution of the Commissioner, especially in modern times, recognized each other as partners, because they have a shared priority, and that is the better position of women in agribusiness.

It is essential that rural women are strengthened, that they understand what and how big their role is on the property and in the household, but it is also important that they are encouraged to recognize and react to discrimination. What we still have to work on is supporting young people and their return to the villages, the Commissioner said. There is no future without rejuvenating the village, said Janković and added that young people can bring new technologies and new knowledge to the village – they know what programs and incentives are, they know how to reach funds and markets, and society must encourage them in that.

Healthy food grown in small rural households, clean air, healthy environment, development of ethno tourism while respecting equality, are great potentials of Serbia that are best promoted in shows such as “Knowledge-property,” said Janković. She reminded that the Commissioner recognized the role and importance of this show and awarded it with special recognition at this year’s competition for the media that promoted tolerance and equality and reported on women and girls from rural areas in 2021.

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