Announcement on the occasion of International Roma Day

Brankica Janković, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, congratulated all Roma men and women their holiday, International Roma Day, noting that it presents the opportunity to once again draw attention to problems that members of Roma population encounter in their everyday life.

Although there are certain improvements, Roma national minority is still one of the most marginalized groups, which is mostly exposed to discrimination in the areas of housing, employment and health care. This is confirmed by the fact that almost every other complaint against discrimination on the grounds of nationality, filed with the Commissioner, was related to Roma population.  Also, the results of the most recent survey implemented by the Commissioner reveal that almost 40 percent of Serbian citizens see Roma people as the group that is most exposed to discrimination in Serbia.

Commissioner Janković accented that greater inclusion of Roma children in the education system is one of the most efficient ways for improvement of their position. In the long run, it would ensure that Roma men and women become equal members of our society, while we all have the responsibility to contribute to the full respect of human rights and providing of dignified life for our Roma citizens, said the Commissioner.

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