Day: December 5, 2022

Commissioner opened the conference on ethical reporting on refugees

Media reporting on refugees largely shapes the opinion of citizens, which is why it must be devoid of prejudice, sensationalism, and generalization said the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, at the opening of the round table “Ethical Reporting on Refugees,” which was organized by the IDEAS Centre for Research and Social Development,…

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No. 537-22

no. 07-00-373 /2022-02 date: 5/12/2022   OPINION The opinion was issued in the proceedings regarding the complaints submitted by A.A. – parents of J. and S. M. and B.B. – parents of N.M., and the complaint of the Association C.C., in the name and with the consent of the children’s legal representatives, filed against PU…

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