Warning to the public regarding the offensive billboard advertisment

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Ms Brankica Janković condemns billboard advertisments throughout Vojvodina associating women with an agricultural product in a derogatory way, as highly inappropriate and insulting. The content objectifying women, together with the stereotype on giving birth as an only role of woman is deeply discriminatory, it insults the dignity of women and roughly supports prejudice on the inequality of women.

Promotion of these kinds of patriarchy models of behaviour that find important for woman to be „from the good family”, healthy, strong and ready to give births, is deeply contrary to the national anti-discrimination legislation. Instead of supressing gender stereotipes depriciating women, are being strenghten in this manner.

Commissioner Jankovic requests from all steakholders „shaping” the public life in Serbia, including companies and marketing agencies, to comply with regulations and to refrain from offensive, sexist and discriminatory content and to express their creativity in an appropriate manner, respecting the dignity of women.

In the end the Commissioner announces, in relation to this case, that complaint has been filed and that it is going to be acted upon within the prescribed deadline.

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