Warning regarding the violation of children’s rights in media

In previous days, even months, we are witnessing that media are incresingly publishing cases of abuse and violence against children, exposing their life stories and personal confessions, crossing the boundaries of professional etics and severely violating the rights of children in certain number of media posts, warns Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic.

By publishing information in which initials are published, as well as photographs of the houses where children live, especially in smaller environments, and also photographs or footage in which it is possible to identify the child, despite the blurred image, lead to the violation of the children’s rights and can seriously endanger their safety and permanently amount harmful effects on their development and growing up.
Indicating harmful events and tragic cases must include the protection of the rights of each child, but also of each victim. Commissioner Jankovic calls on the media to respect the Constitution and laws when reporting on specific events involving children, and concludes that there is no justification for inappropriate and sensational reporting.

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