Support for the palliative care of patients

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic attended the ceremonial beginning of construction works within Bel Hospice project, Day Center of the first hospice in Serbia that should start working this autumn.

Commissioner emphasized the importance and significance of caring and helping people who are in terminal phase of illness and stressed that Commissioner provides full support to all activities aimed to palliative care. She also considers that one of the priorities in the following period should be a development of mixed social-health and other services, in order to enable dignified life for persons who are severely ill.

The renovation and construction project of the first hospice in Serbia Daily Center has been conducted within the partnership of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry for Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs and European Union funds. EU Ambassador in Serbia Sem Fabrizi said that he hopes that this was the beginning of good practice, which is an EU standard, and that he expects that similar objects would start operating in other places in Serbia.

The event was also attended by Assistant Minister for Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs Milos Jankovic, director of Republic Institute for Social Protection Bozidar Dakic, Ambassador of Belgium Leo D’aes, Ambassador of Norway Arne Bjornstad, Ambassador of Great Britain Dennis Keefe, representatives of the City of Belgrade and Zvezdara municipality.

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