Seminar for police officers

“Detecting and Addressing Discrimination” seminar and workshop organized by the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and OSCE Mission to Serbia was held in Novi Sad Police Administration for the third time in a row.

The seminar participants were police officers from traffic control and criminal investigation units. Brankica Janković, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality stressed the importance of such seminars for the police force since they interact with citizens on daily basis.

Dr Ivana Krstić, Belgrade University Law School Professor presented international standards in the area of protection against discrimination, while Dr Radomir Zekavica, Professor at the Academy of Criminalistics and Police Studies gave a presentation on a 2014/2015 survey on attitude of police officers towards discrimination conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs which included 700 respondents.

“Definition and forms of discrimination” workshop was moderated by Kosana Beker, Assistant to the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, while Maja Bjeloš of Belgrade Center for Security Policy presented achievements in gender equality in the security sector. Martin Matijašević from the Belgrade University Faculty of Security Studies concentrated on communication aspects in every day law enforcement activities and on particular area of police work with increased risk of discrimination such as domestic violence, minors, disabled, LGBT persons.

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