Presentation of the results of survey about the position of elderly in cities

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic took part at the conference held on the occasion of presentation of the results of survey “Ageing in cities – challenges of the modern society” which was conducted by Red Cross in Serbia, in cooperation with Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, with support of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), with aim to explore the main needs of the elderly, give optimal recommendations for improvement of the quality of their life and promote examples of good practice.

Commissioner stressed that it is necessary to appreciate the needs of elderly and the problems they are facing, in order to prevent and suppress discrimination of older persons. She emphasized that data and recommendations from this survey provide guidelines for defining strategic documents, overall programs and exact measures aimed to ensure the most needed forms of support, primarily in areas of house care and assistance, greater availability of health care, prevention and adaptation of infrastructure.

Survey results revealed that older persons in urban areas have the greatest need for care in their homes, greater availability of health care and public transport, as well as that 9% of respondents were often exposed to some form of discrimination because of their age. Majority of elderly feel safe in their close surroundings and city, while 80% of respondents think that they are being treated with respect. The main recommendations of this survey are related to investments in infrastructure without architectural barriers, greater investments in available public transport, social engagement of elderly through work, education, art and recreation, equal development of elementary health care network, information about changes in the system of health care and other services for elderly, organizing of trainings for informal caregivers, promotion of health life habits and combat against age discrimination.

In this survey participated persons older than 65, who are living in 16 urban areas across the Republic.

At the conference also spoke Vesna Milenovic, general secretary of Red Cross in Serbia, Marija Rakovic from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), sociologist Gradimir Zajic and Natasa Todorovic from Red Cross in Serbia.

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