No. 07-00-00073/2017-02

No. 07-00-00073/2017-02  Date: 19 May, 2017




The opinion was issued in the procedure following complaint filed by T.T. from B. against D.Ž. on account of discrimination based on disability. The complainant stated that during the conversation D.Ž. referred to her with an insult “that she was a disabled person, but disabled persons did not behave that way – seek information of public importance”. In her declaration, D.Ž. stated that “she did not pronounce the word disabled person any single time during any conversation with her” as well as “that she regretted that face-to-face conversation which started as two equal colleagues about energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, then continued with the story of school work satisfaction, school events presented by prof. dr. sc. T.T. on the basis of partial and arbitrary allegations which Prof. Dr.Sc. T.T. mentioned in her letter.” During the procedure, it was established that D.Ž. spoke with the complainant, but the exact content of their conversation was not determined. Therefore, the opinion was expressed that it was not established that D.Ž. committed an act of discrimination against T.T. based on her personal characteristic – disability.



Brankica Janković
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