Meeting of Commissioner and Director of Unicef in Serbia

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, met with the Director of UNICEF in Serbia, Deyana Kostadinova, with whom she discussed the extension of cooperation in the field of protection of the rights, equality and education of children in Serbia.

Jankovic and Kostadinova  discussed the problems faced by children and young people in the conditions of online schooling, as well as the digital exclusion of children who do not have appropriate conditions for monitoring distance learning. The importance of education was emphasized in the conversation, as well as the systematic work through the school system with the implementation of common program contents.

Kostadinova emphasized the importance and role of the institution of the Commissioner, stating that the long-term cooperation so far has been excellent and that the realization of joint activities, especially advocacy,  to improve the position of children in Serbia will be expanded in the coming period.

Both Jankovic and Kostadinova emphasized the importance of working with children and providing opportunities for voices of youth to be heard on important topics, including the participation of Youth Panel in consultations for the preparation of Voluntary National Report.

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