International Human Rights Day

The Roma, poor, disabled, senior citizens, women, and the LGBT population are among persons most discriminated against, based on the answers of almost 1,200 citizens of Serbia who took part in an extensive public opinion survey. Furthermore, this survey revealed that almost every fifth citizen of Serbia (18%) had discriminatory attitudes towards vulnerable groups.

“Serbia has made a significant progress in last couple of years, but there is more to be done if we want to have a society of genuine equality which guarantees freedoms. We are witnessing discrimination in all segments of social life”, said the Commissioner in her statement on the occasion of International Human Rights Day.
Fighting for human rights and improvement of equality for all requires fighting against all forms and types of discrimination, to make sure that the decades old words in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights are not hollow.
United Nations proclaimed the Universal Declaration on Human Rights on December 10, 1948, which promoted human rights as universal, with no distinction based on national origin, country to which a person belongs, or ideological or cultural background.
The document protects civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights and freedoms ranging from the right to life and liberty, to the right to dignity, privacy and social security, to the freedom of assembly and association.

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