The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality honored November 16, the International Day for Tolerance, with an annual conference, organized in cooperation with the OSCE mission

The year behind us and this current year are different from the previous ones, as we live in a time when the challenges are greater and the circumstances more difficult, but in which, precisely because of that, tolerance must not be questioned or pushed into the background. The present moment is such that the tolerance of the individual, the community and the entire society must be much more pronounced than has ever been the case before, said the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković.

The most vulnerable members of the society had a hard time going through the crisis, as evidenced by the complaints to the Commissioner of those living in poverty, people with disabilities, Roma and the elderly. But many, the Commissioner said, have not only complained due to discrimination, but also due to some type of injustice they suffered.

Although the consequences of the epidemic affected the entire society, women suffered the greatest burden of the Covid crisis, as witnessed by five women from their personal and professional experience at the conference within the panel “Did Covid make us more tolerant or are we on the verge of breaking down”. After the panel, the research “Gender Equality and Balance between Business and Private Life” was presented.

Journalists who reported on the aforementioned issues and thus contributed to the fight against discrimination and the promotion of tolerance and equality were traditionally awarded the Annual Media Awards of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and the OSCE Mission to Serbia for the sixth time in a row. This year’s winners are Dragana Savić (Euro news), Ivana Predić (Panpress), Petar Paunović (Startit), Dragana Nikoletić (NIN), Vanja Đurić (TV N1), Jelena Ostojić (Telegraf), Tijana Sibinović (Radio Belgrade), Jelena Jovanović (Espreso) and Ljubinka Ljujić (Forum Prijepolje).

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