European Commission visited institution of Commissioner for the Protection of Equality

Representatives of Commissioner for the Protection of Equality discussed with members of European Commission expert mission, Ian Balazs and Konstantin Niafas, about activities on protection against discrimination and improvement of equality of Roma citizens in Republic of Serbia.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Tatjana Jokanović stated that every tenth complaint in the last year had nationality as discrimination grounds, out of which 40 percent were related to Roma population. She also pointed to data obtained from research about relation of citizens of Serbia towards discrimination, which indicated that Roma population is one of the most vulnerable social groups.

Jokanović also presented some of the activities of the institution of Commissioner for the Protection of Equality aimed to prevention and reduction of discrimination of memebers of Roma population in Serbia, such are manual for prevention of segregation in schools, activities of Commissioner Janković and Minister of education on improvement of affirmative measures for enrolment of Roma students at universities, as well as education for police and local self-government employees related to recognizing and prevention of discrimination.

Other participants of discussion were also senior advisor Tijana Milošević and representative of EU Delegation in Serbia Mirjana Maksimović.

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