Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic submitted to the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia a Special Report on Discrimination in the Field of Labor and Employment, on the occasion of ten years of implementation of the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination, bearing in mind that the largest number of complaints by citizens relates to the field of work and employment.

Right to decent work, just and favorable conditions, fair and equal compensation for work of the same value without any difference, promotion, safety and health protection at work, rest, reasonable limitation of working time, right to form and join a trade union of their choice, as well as other rights based on and in connection with work, are existential rights that substantially affect the life of citizens and the development of society as a whole, Commissioner emphasizes.

The report, which covers the institution’s 10-year practice as well as the results of the Commissioner’s survey on perceptions of discrimination in the field of work and employment, reports by domestic and international organizations, as well as recommendations for the promotion of equality in the field of work and employment, shows that discrimination against women, mainly on the grounds of gender, as well as marital and family status, is an outstanding problem. It is followed by discrimination because of membership in trade union, political and other organizations, discrimination against persons with disabilities, younger and older workers, Roma people, including discrimination of people on grounds of health, as well as on other real or assumed protected characteristics. According to relevant research, discrimination against poor citizens is also present, as well as discrimination because of sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.

The data in this report is not the only indicator of the prevalence of discrimination in society, but they do indicate that employees, the unemployed and employers understand discrimination in the Serbian labor market, Jankovic said. The report was submitted in order to highlight the positive developments, perceived deficiencies, as well as problems and challenges regarding the achievement of equality and protection against discrimination in the labor market.

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