Commissioner reacted to NIN cartoon

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic points out that the cartoon in today’s issue of NIN weekly magazine is inappropriate and insulting in many ways, in context of long-standing sexual violence in on of youth acting schools in Belgrade.

Rape, sexual harassment and all other criminal acts against sexual freedom, recognized by criminal justice system in the Republic of Serbia, are serious social issues that shouldn’t be a topic of humor, satire or sarcasm in any way, says Commissioner. She emphasized that victims of sexual violence, who gather strength to speak out, should be provided only with support in this moment and that trivializing of their traumas for political or sensationalist purposes should not be allowed.

The Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and European Convention on Human Rights guarantee the freedom to receive and spread ideas through writing, speaking or pictures. Although this freedom of expression is very flexible when concerning the criticism against public authorities, the dignity of victim is a red line which must not be crossed, stressed Jankovic.

Commissioner reminds that harassment and belittling acting which are insulting for a person’s dignity are prohibited by the law.

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