Commissioner at the conference “A day after the Day of Human Rights – Where Are We Now?”

Citizens need independent institutions as they are one of the important mechanisms for protecting human rights and improving the life quality of all our citizens, pointed out the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković at the conference, “A Day After the Human Rights Day – Where Are We Now? “organized by the Initiative for Economic and Social Rights – A 11.


In the course of the Role and Impact of Independent Institutions in the Protection of Human Rights Panel, the Commissioner pointed out that the executive, legislative and judicial branch of power need independent institutions. Strategic litigation initiated by the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality offers particular input to and enhances the case law of national courts. The aim of such litigation is to strengthen consistent implementation of regulations and improve legal practice, as well as to empower victims of discrimination to initiate anti-discrimination litigation, but also to enhance legal education and public awareness of discrimination issues.



In a way, independent bodies are a form of assistance and a corrective factor in the work of public authorities by contributing to the improvement of the work of these bodies and the exercise of citizens’ rights. She pointed out that expectations from independent bodies are sometimes unrealistic, since independent institutions are limited by their mandate stipulated by the law. For example, the expectations from independent institutions for the protection of equality are growing in terms of rising hate speech and finding effective mechanisms for its prevention, the Commissioner concluded.

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